When I was trying to create my BM cache volumes using either iManager or
NSSMU, it seems to create a pool identified as NSS. It appears NRM is the
only way to do this - even NWCONFIG doesn't do this any longer. I deleted
the NSS pool because that's not what I want here.

Is all that correct? I also tried C1 but it told me to use NSSMU so that's
what I tried first.

One more related question - after creating a 10 gb, TFS partition on my new
server, I want to create two 3gb cache volumes. The creation of a new
volume defaults to:

compression = yes
sub-allocation = yes
migration = no

I've turned off compression and I understand why I wouldn't want that.
Could someone explain a bit about what sub-allocation is? I did some
reading and everyone says to turn it off also, so I did before I created my
volumes. My cache volumes are now:

compression = no
sub-allocation = no
migration = no

You know, I think I'm actually starting to get how some of this stuff works.