Running GW800HP2 client on a remote PC, GW client runs in remote mode only,
exchanges with the POA for email.

When the client starts, it does the "updating quickfinder indexes", I'm used
to this.

Now however every time the person does a send/retrieve, after it completes
it runs another "updating quickfinder indexes", and if this takes a long
time it slows the user down and also the send/retrieve is delayed

Any ideas? Is there a way to modify this behaviour? Or can I run something
that will run a quickfinder update for EVERYTHING (like the qflevel-999
option on the POA)?

Note this only happens when doing a send/retrieve all marked accounts, if
you do the connect after choosing GroupWise options it doesn't happen.
Unfortunately our VPN software seems to cause a problem to the GroupWise
options (it'll crash the client) so the user has to use the all accounts