I am trying to enable CIFS on an existing Netware 6.5 SP8 3-node cluster serving 6 volumes as NSS, AFP and NFS.

Each time I run 'CIFS ADD .CN=VIRTUAL_SERVER_VOL1.OU=SERVERS.OU=OURORG.T=OUR TREE' it lists the CIFS details of the physical server and not the virtual one. Imanager continually says CIFS is not running on the virtual server and won't let me start it. I understand from reading these forums this is because I need to add an 'nfapCIFSAttach' attribute to the virtual server object. Is that correct?

If so I am struggling to do so as I cannot work out the syntax for this attribute's value. From what I've read it's the hex encoded form of the virtual server's IP address. I have managed to get the attribute added by copying the 'networkAddress' attribute from the same server but it has not affected the outcome.

Please can someone run me through exactly how to add this attribute and any other steps I may need to get this working on a cluster?