We have a situation now where a client wants to perform off-site backups
of his business to his home. The business currently has a full T1 and
his home has a high-speed cable connection (something like 8 megs down
and 1 up). We already backup overnight in a couple of different ways
and the off-site backup would be from the backup servers on-site.

If we add a second T1 to the office, can we have a second PUBLIC IP and
a second VPN site, so that the remote user could connect to the second
public ip and do his backup/transfer without eating up the bandwidth of
the rest of the users in the office? Would doing this require a second
BM server or could a second PUBLICly-connected NIC in the one BM server
be configured to do what we're discussing?

Is there a better way, e.g., some way to "gang" a couple of T1's to get
increased bandwidth? Although we'd run the potential of his high-speed
home connection sucking up all the available bandwidth at the office,
this still might turn out to be a simpler way for things to work and,
since it would largely happen overnight, I hope, it might be a way to
get some more bandwidth for the office at the same time. The office is
small - 20 user license.

This is a new area for me, which means I have even less expertise than
my usual, pitiful lack of knowledge, so any thoughts along these lines,
TID to read, etc., are appreciated.