We need to create a new Post Office due to growth and I am considering setting it up on a SLES10.2 box running in VMWare. Since I have never set up groupwise in either Linux or in a virtual environment, I've got some initial questions that I was hoping you could answer.

1. Pure SLED10.2 or OES on top of SLED? What are the pros and cons? I would prefer to go with just SLED10.2 if possible. We have moved away from eDirectory for any purpose other than Groupwise and we even use LDAP authentication in A/D for GW logins. So the only thing we use E/D for is Console1 to manage mailboxes. So could I run GW on top of SLED10.2 without any OES support?

2. Are there any problems running GW in a VMWare enviroment? I know it will run but I"m concerned with I/O disk throughput since GW is such an I/O disk intensive application. Will I run into contigency issues if I have GW guested on a host with 10 other servers all sharing the same SAN luns?