we have a problem using the Migration Wizard 6.5.
We have to use to version 6.5, because we want to do the migration from NW3.12 to NOES 6.5. Wizard 6.5 ist the latest Version for Migration from an IPX-Server like NW3.x

All NLMs requested by MigWizard are updated on both Servers;
IPX is running well (login to both servers via IPX is running)
there are enough free licences;
SAP is not filtered;
Client: newest (tried WIN XP and on WIN 2000 - Station both)

The error message is: MAP3XIDS.NLM did not load properly

All information concerning this matter we found in WWW gave no new help to us.

For information: on Monitor-Screen at NW312-Server we saw that the Migration Wizard did login there for a while.

Manual trying by typing MAP3XIDS.NLM <servername> <username> <passwort> has been successful
(after a short while the NLM stayed loaded it unloaded by itself, what would by absolutely normal, i think, because this has been a manual try)

Can you provide any solution ? Thx