I'm seeing a lot of the following errors when running a analyze/fix library
gwcheck, from what I can tell the files are actually missing and have been
for a very long time (aka, no backups available anymore)
When looking at the Doc# most of them were originally added in the first
year or so that we started using groupwise (when 6.0 had just been
released), they probably got corrupted at some point in time or lost during
one of the migrations we've done.

But is there any way to just purge these from the system ? I tried running
the fix mentioned in TID#10056465 but that did not have any effect.
The below error occasionally has a 'Problem 86- Inaccessible wordlist blob:'
pointing to the same doc# but this is scarse. Im also not hearing any
complaints about missing files from people who actually use it, so i'm
guessing most of these documents have been long forgotten.

Any ideas ?


CONTENTS VERIFICATION of database dmdd0001.db
Error 76- Error accessing document content:
Error Code = C081
Doc# = 110
Ver# = 1
Author = <name>(<DOM>.<PO>.<user>)
Ver Creator =
Last Doc Content Filename =
\\oldpremigrationserver\vol1\mail\PO\gwdms\lib0001 \docs\fdf1\3c0f7ca2.000