I am curious if anybody out there has been having memory issues with the
use of surf control for content filtering and BM 3.8 on Netware 6.5 SP5.
The issue is clearly with Surf Control's product in that when their
CPFILTER.NLM is loaded on the server it cannot load because it is out of
memory. Surf Control's "fix" is to start server.exe with a -u350000000
switch and set file cache max size to a minimum value to clamp down on the
memory space Netware uses but the problem is then Console One, iManager,
remote manager, the Java install does not run because you are clamping
down on the memory. These things you need to administer the server.

I have 3GB of memory in the server now which is in Surf Control's specs
but they do not have an answer for me. Their solution is for servers with
not much RAM to spare but I did add RAM so I should not have to do this.
As the content database from Surf Control grows the problem becomes worse
so what works not may not work in the future as you update it.

Surf Control's support answer is that they are working with Novell on this
but Novell's answer supposedly is they are not sure Netware will be here
since for much longer since "everything is going to Linux soon..." so not
much has been done to address this.

I'm just curious if others have had this issue and what things did or did
not work for them? Also what other content filtering solution that works
with BM is better perhaps??