Hi all,

I'm new here and really new to Netware. I'm just beginning to get involved with Netware Servers (V 6.5) and am trying to add hard disks to a server for backup purposes. I have two SCSI hard disks to add to this server and wish to name them backup_1 and backup_2. Using the Backup Exec software we have a site license. I want to be able to do an incremental backup Monday thru Thursday and a full back up on Friday on each disk alternating out the disks weekly with one of the disks being off site while the other is in service.

I can add the new drive in a Hot manner and then must go through configuring the disk.....during the configuration I'm asked if I want the disk to be a part of a pool or something to that effect. What do I want to do here?

Actually I'd like to know just what is a pool technically? I've got several books on Netware and none of them has painted me a clear picture of just what a pool is.

I'm kind of excited to be learning about Netware I hope you all can bear with me as I stumble through this.

Thanks so much!!!