Hi all

I installed consoleone from gw800hp2_full_linux fine. But i am unable to install the snapins either by directly installing the rpms or using the installer. After these have been installed, c1 shows a blank grey screen on startup.

When I start c1 with the -windowout switch, I can start the app - it shows v1.3.6h with JVM 1.5.0_11 coming from NOVLc1Linuxjre-1.5.0-11 as expected.

But then, I cannot select the groupwise domain properly.

When I try to use NOVLc1Linuxjre-1.4.2-13 (as distributed with c1), the system does abort with a missing java.lang.StringBuilder class, so I think that for using groupwise 8 this new JVM1.5 is mandatory.

After reinstalling JVM1.5 and adding the -debug -windowout switches, I get messages about improper snapin registrations for ice, indxmgr and dirxml - but the screen starts at least.

Is this a well-known problem?