Does anyone know if OSQL is installed when installing SQL Server 2008 Standard? I am getting two(2) errors in the "Select SQL Server for Distribution Service" dialogue box after choosing Custom Install and supplying the sa credentials.

The first error in a Warning box: Setup cannot verify that the SQL administrator password works because OSQL has not been previously installed.

The following second error in a Warning box: ESM Policy Distribution Service cannot use a local database because there is no local instance of SQL Server.

I have SQL Server 2008 Standard installed without any errors during the install. I do not have the SQL Server installed on the "c" drive though. I have installed onto a different partition on the same server. Also, SQL Server is installed on a Win2003 R2 sp2 Enterprise operating system.

I am a sql server novice, but have troubleshot this via help of the Internet and Novell TIDs. Any help with this error is much appreciated.

Thank you in advance for any replies.