At the moment, my old BM server, v3.6, is up and running - browser
proxy, c2s VPN, etc. DHCP lives on another box. This box is, of
course, plugged into both the Inet router and the private side through
its two NICs.

The new BM box got tested today - with the old box disconnected, I can
browse the Internet. I changed, in the DNSDHCP mgmt console, my default
gateway from the old to the new address, unloaded/reloaded DHCPSRVR,
redid my workstation IP and took away the pointer to the proxy, and
there I was (after a bit of fiddling, I'll admit) browsing away. I put
things back the way they were and left for the day.

I plugged the old box back in, so that I've got both servers connected
via both public and private now. The next hop on both of them is the
lan address on the router.

I've noticed at least one oddity albeit not a terribly surprising one -
from the outside, RCONJ works to the new public address but no longer
works to the private address over the VPN. From a local workstation,
RCONJ works to the private address.

Does it sound like I'm ready for my BM 3.8 install on the new server?
(I've already created two TFS volumes, 3gb each, named them BM_CACHE_1
and _2.)

Should I leave both servers connected via both public and private while
installing BM? Will there be an issue trying to install the VPN on the
new server while the old one is running?

Thanks much in advance. I'm having a good time doing this without Craig
holding my hand :) and since I'm not in a big hurry, want to see if I
can get it up and running by myself. We only a few filters and I don't
mind entering them all by hand in the new server.