I have a Compaq Proliant 1600 server, running OES NW 6.5 sp5 and trying to
install the latest BM patches. However each time I have installed the BM
3.8 sp4 My server logger screen begins to read off errors every few
seconds. I have not been able to get past this and do not understand why
this is happening now. I have seen it described as a "Race Condition" any
way to fix this.

IntialDircontext context passed, host DN:My server name.Organization name
before getting attributes
textAttrsget IDs()
SCM_Main:context is null

Java.naming.Authentication Exception [Root exception is
com.novell.service.session invalid domain name exception: MY server name null
check root causes

This is then followed by a long list of Java errors. I do not understand
why or how this is happening but it is consistant as it happens everytime I
put BM 3.8 sp4 onto My server. Has anyone else seen this or know what I can
do to fix it. I'm running out of time on this issue, and either need to
move forward or leave it as BM 3.8 sp3 which if I remember had issues of
it's own. Any help would be very appreciated.