I have upgraded a BM38 server to 3.9 sp2 and am noting a few problems.
If I bring up the "17. Display configured addresses and services" screen
from the proxy console on the server I see the following:

TCP/IP Addresses Bound On This Server:,, 206.169.xxx.yyy
Configured Services:
Proxy Requesting Client at all TCP/IP addresses:1046
HTTP Proxy at all TCP/IP addresses:8080
HTTP Proxy at all
** Error ** Register error 42
(possible fix: load ipxf.nlm and reload proxy)
MiniWeb Server at all TCP/IP addresses:1959

Press a key to return to the menu

Note that I changes the last bit of my public address to xxx.yyy

Can someone shed any light on the ** Error ** Register error 42 message
I see in the middle. The knowledge base returns hits that date back
nearly to the dark ages. Trying to load IPXF on the server produces
Loading Module IPXF.NLM [
IPXF.NLM does exist in sys:\system and is dated back mid 98 (the dark

On a related note, this shows the proxy listening on all addresses.
This is a test server in a test tree, my live still BM38 server shows
the proxy listening only on the private IP address, which is what I
would expect. I would not think it would be a good idea to have the
proxy listen on the public address.

Gus Gustafson