OK, I went to install BM 38 and it tells me to run a Perl script, which only
wants to find TCPIP on the CD which is not how I'm installing it, and it
wants to install a version that's a lot older than the one I have, or so it
seems to me - the one in the NW65 folder on the Companion CD says it's from
2003 and mine is 6.61.05 from June 22, 2005.

Anyone care to explain? I read this:


but confess to still being confused.

Thanks in advance, and if someone will point me to what's the latest that I
need if that's not what's on the CD, that would be great. We are planning
to use a C2S VPN (I get the feeling that matters) and, although my wife
would likely not describe me as domestic, we are located in the United
States. :)