What Im trying to do is that i want a variable rather then the real UNC path to my MSI-package.

Atm i have point out \\server\vol1\app\app.msi to all my msi-zenapps.

What i want is \\%APP_SOURCE%\app.app.msi.

What i have tried to do is this:

1. In login-scripts ive dos set APP_SOURCE="server\vol1\app"
2. In "Identification > Package Infromation"
Administration Package Path: \\%APP_SOURCE%\app
3. In "Common > Source"
Package Source List: \\%APP_SOURCE%\app
4. In "Common > Macros"
Macros: Name: APP_SOURCE Value: server\vol1

When i'd set all those settings, and go back to "Identification > Package Infromation" i get an error massage that says "Error: Database could not be opened. MSI file could not be found".
Okey, stupid C1!
Anyway, when i try my application later on it success with the installation? How come?