WebDAV / Edit-in-Place Issues with Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Windows Vista* has numerous problems with WebDAV access that affect all WebDAV
interactions. There is also a Vista-specific issue with applets that can prevent the Edit-in-Place
feature from working properly. Be sure you are running the latest version of Vista.
Vista users who are using Internet Explorer* might see a Java warning when they try to use Edit-in-
Place. Firefox users do not see this error.
To configure Internet Explorer to support Edit-in-Place:
1 Click Tools > Internet Options.
2 Click the Security tab, select Trusted Sites, then click Sites.
3 In the Add this website to the zone field, specify the URL of your Teaming server, then click
4 Select or deselect Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone as appropriate for
your Teaming server.
5 Click Close, then click OK to save the security settings.
6 Kablink Teaming 2.0
novdocx (en) 20 March 2009
To get Edit-in-Place to work in Kablink Teaming with Office 2003, Office 2007, and Vista, complete
Step 1 through Step 3 in any order:
1 If you are using Internet Explorer, set your Internet security options as described above.
Firefox users do not need to change their Internet security settings.
2 Install the latest Microsoft Web Folder update.
This is available from the Microsoft Knowledgebase article 907306 (http://
3 Add new keys to the registry for each MS Office application:
3a In Windows Explorer, navigate to Program Files/Microsoft Office/
3b Scroll down to each MS Office .exe in turn:
3c Right-click each executable, then click Properties.
3d Click the Compatibility tab.
3e Select Run this program in compatibility mode for, then select Windows XP (Service Pack
2) from the drop-down list.
3f Reboot the computer.
You should now be able to use Edit-in-Place for MS Office files.
NOTE: Although these steps enable Edit-in-Place for Kablink Teaming, they do not fix Vistas
inability to attach via WebDAV in Kablink Teaming.
For additional information on applets, view the following Sun bulletins: