Hey all,

(sorry..maybe long text again:|)
finally I made most of the network msi things working (however I still have some problems with apps starting at boot time and network name resolution being to slow, if guess ending up in bad cache and following errors...).

Now I'm back to migrate Office 2007 applications, ATM they work pretty good in ZDM7 (using unsecure system but it shoudln't be a problem to change this to run hidden). I did some tests using DAU and I know it's possible to have even network access - but came up with unpredictable results if a user is logged in (so 2 interactive users start trying to have a server connection). So I stopped this approach.

I'm using a cmd-script running as system right now (similar to the existing one but I removed some output or better - changed to log output...:)):

- The script is just calling another cmd-script from public share
- There are more cmd-scripts called inside, seems to work pretty good
- A few vbs scripts are called inside, even those worked fine for my first installation ("Site A"), but it started to hang at "Site B"

I found the problem at "Site B" is: Script gets stuck trying a MapNetworkDrive from Filesystemobject. I have no idea how to fix it (as it runs perfectly in Site A): Both Sites have a NetWare 6.5 server,client with NC 4.91SP4, the share is similar and set to read from [Public]. The scripts and all other files reside there...

Right now I made a workaround by adding a "net use b: %source% test /user:.zcm10.global", leading me to my questions (finally:)):

- (maybe stupid;)): How to use a "net use <drive> /delete" without getting an error if the drive isnt connected?
- is it possible to disconnect the connection made before? (some kind of logout from the server where the system attached to?)
- any better solution or workaround tool yet (I found Craig being online right now?;)).

Maybe I should mention: There's only a single server at Site B, so I have to share all ressources from it, no Content-repo available yet (only 1 primary server in Site A).

thx in advance
Dirk (use this name instead my prety old nick;))