I have a site that moved from one IP address to another, and has BM3.8.
When I load IPFLT there is no internet connectivity, but with it
unloaded, things are fine (but useless for security, obviously.)

I have been through all the filters and every place I can think of where
the NICs are configured, and I can't find a place that refers to the old
IP address any more, yet it seems clear that there is somewhere I am
missing. All the filters also refer to the new IP address, I have
checked every one.

I have even done a search in the thought that some text-based config
file (NCF or CFG) might have the old address still in it, but can find none.

Can someone list off the places where it might be buried since I can't
seem to find it but it does seem to exist and still be interfering with


-- DE