I am trying to set up a cluster and when one NBM server goes down, I want it to roll over to the other server then bring the failed server back up and delete all files on the cache volumes so that when proxy loads again it will load fast.

I found TID 10057306 which recommends using toolbox and the rm command but that took a long time and I couldn't tell where it was in the process. A quicker way (I think) is to load bash and then set up the volumes so you can mount them in bash - see TID 3802030, not the manual - then use the rm command. For instance if you have a traditional cache volume called 'cache1' and you want to delete all the cache files, load bash, cd to the /volumes/cache1 (assuming you 'mounted' the cache1 volume under sys:\volumes\cache1' - see above TID) and then do an:

rm -dfrv 0* 1* 2* 3* 4* 5* 6* 7*

This will delete all the cache dirs and files and send a list to the screen as it does it.

Does anyone know of a quicker way to delete all the directories and files on a volume?