Have a school system that currently has 7 child Border Manager servers,
connecting to the main BM server via T1 links. During the summer, a
fiber network will be replacing the T1 links. The plan is to remove the
7 child BM servers, replace the main BM server with a new one. client is
also going from a T1 connection to the internet to a fiber connection of
20meg. There are 800 workstations, next couple of years 200 could be
added. Client has a PIX firewall, so BM is only used for caching,
tracking of user activity. Questions are:

1) Will BM handle 800-1000 workstations at once?
2) Can it handle the 20meg internet connection?
3) Is there any way to have 2 BM servers and load balance? (Could have
1 server for elementary/middle school, 1 server for HS).
4) Recomendations for number of CACHE volumes, size of volume.
(Currently I know to use 1 or 2 cache volumes, on seperate drives,
traditional volumes - all from Craig Johnsons books).
5) Any other ideas or thoughts?