tsatest throws: "Error converting password to UTF-8" with a code of fffbfffd.

Using SCMT and following TID 7001767. Moving from Netware 6.0 SP5 to NOWS SBE 2.0 64 bit. It worked earlier but I had other problems with the migration and ran SMDR NEW to assure that IPX was not running on the NW box (per some notes that only 1 protocol should be running; allowing IPX didn't solve the password problem.) All other steps from 7001767 check out.

Netware box has TSA5UP19.

NOWS box has a later version of novell-sms-i586.rpm than what comes with SCMT. I tried turning off UTF-8 with YaST (Language) but that didn't help. I've also reinstalled SBE but that didn't help.

Why is it trying to use UTF-8? Fix?