I setup SLES10SP2(32bit) and OES2SP1b(32bit) on a test server and working fine except Remote Manager. No patches have been applied at all because of test server.

Could you give me some advise regarding Remote manager's problem, pls?

The problem is that Remote Manager cannot be opened at all and no errors on the browsers.

1. Open Remote Manager, https://localhost:8009/
2. Type Username and Password, and click Login - Login is accepted
3. Browser's main window is just blank and status bar shows "waiting for localhost.......
4. This remains forever...

I opened Remote Manager from windows XP client by IE7 but it is the same.
Furthermore, I opened Remote Manager by using IP address locally but no luck.

I rebooted the server several times but still the same.
On the other hand, I can access to iManager without any problems.

I want to know what the cause of this problem and its resolution.