Started receiving one of these messages from BM (3.9SP1) every minute
since early this morning.

Received an ICMP Echo (Ping) packet larger than the current threshold.
Current threshold is 10240, received packet size -3. Discarding packet...
Time : 6-27-2009 2:07:23 pm
Server : S_4
Service : TCPIP

Use pktscan to run a trace on the border manager machine (public and
private) and no ICMP packets appear.

Can anyone say why bordermanger thinks there is a problem when it is
apaprently not even seeing any ICMP packets. Search on "malformed" in
wireshark revelas nothing, either, but at a size of "-3" surely these
packets are "malformed"?

Any help appreciated, even unto where I can change the threshold setting
.... it's not apparently in NRM or at least I don't see it immediately so
it may be hiding. <g>

Ken McLeod
The Delphian School