I hope some one could help.

Problem internet is very slow when passing through BM

Server: Netware 6.5SP4


Boarder Manager: setup Ver BM35_G.01

Boarder Manager Access Rule ver: BM37.01

Boarder Manager Alert BM35_G.01

I have run a test on a Window server which has two NIC card.

First NIC card is set to pass through BM and 2nd NIC is set to DMZ

I have run a test to download the same file from DMZ and BM

When I download the same file from BM it takes lot longer to download and it
is very slow to access Internet. However, when I set the IE to pass DMZ and
bypass BM it downloads very fast and IE run faster. Does any one know what
could be the cause?

There some rules to deny some student no to access URL

BM Setup

Application Proxy

HTTP proxy ticked ONLY

Cache Aging

HTTP maximum Revalidation Time 7 Days

HTTP Default Revalidation Time: 0 Days

HTTP Minimum Revalidation Time: 0 hours

FTP Revalidation Time: 7 Days

Gopher Revalidation Time: 7 Days

HTTP Failed Request Cache Time: 0 minutes

Maximum Hot Unreferenced Time: 30 minutes


Maximum Cached file Size, HTTP:30, FTP:30, GOPHER:30

Cache Hash Table Size 128 K of entries

Maximum Number of Hot Nodes: 7000

Cache to Deleted File Maximum Age Ratio:400

Read-ahead disabled

Scheduled Download disabled

HTTP and FTP Acceleration not ticked

IPX/IP Gateway not ticked

IP/IP Gateway Not ticked

Socks V4 and V5 not ticked

Transparent HTTP and Telnet Proxy not ticked

Enforce Access Rules Ticked

Transport TCP

Establish Connection Timeout: 30 Second

Connection keepalive Interval: 5 minute

Data Read Timeout: 2 minutes

Idle Server Persistent connection Timeout: 30 minutes

Idle Client Persistent Connection Timeout: 10 minutes

Transparent HTTP and Telnet proxy not ticked