I have enabled a "Deployment System Upgrade" to a "Selected Devices Stage".

0 Pending
1 Successful (my server)
0 Failed

It's job is done. How come it cannot be deleted or removed, or cancelled. I was applying 10.1.3 at the time, now I have 10.2.0 all set to go. Infact my server is already running 10.2.0.

How can I make this old deployment go away. The deployment stage that this belonged to has long been deleted. I had a few failed machines at the time but these have been deleted from devices. I can hardly delete the server from devices so I can then delete the deployment schedule.

I have had this above problem for some time.

Just to add more info, I now have defined an Deplyment stage to deploy the 10.2 update to the server. This applied fine, was only only assigned to the server however I believe this is still staying because the stage timeout is for 3 more days.

Who knows why my deployment tried to deploye to all my devices. But thats another story. I had to cancel after the server completed to avoid the 1300 hundred devices from receiving the update.

As a general rule I do not push out updates to my devices. They just receive it as they get a re-image.

Any ideas on why the deployment cannot be deleted ?