in our network we used GroupWise Client 8 under Windows XP Prof.
On this system Office 2007 Prof. is installed with Outlook.

The groupWise client will install over zenworks (MSI).

We have 2 roles of users. Teachers with local administrative rights and Students with local user rights.

If now a teacher would change his password over the groupwise 8 client - it works without any errors.

If a student would change his password over the client - he get some error messages:

- No profile exist. Create a new profile over MAIL in the systemconfiguration
- The 'MAPI Session Handle' of the Novell GroupWise 'Object Request Broker' could not be accessed. The address book cannot run (error status: 0x80004005).

If i change the rights for students from local user to local administrator - then it works for they, too. Without any errors.

For which directory or file i should give them (local users) specified rights?

Thanks for your help.