Hey guys,

Support is faliling away at this issue promising to have development look at it and it hasn't happened yet so I'm hoping someone here might have some suggestions. I'm experiencing all workstations with users unable to log in to Zen. They are beign presented with a login screen and upon entering their credentials, they are receiving, "Invalid Login Credentials or the Server Cert is invalid."

DNS seems to be perfect - both forward and reverse.

I'm able to access the ZCC and log in with AD credentials.

I'm able to browse down into the containers of my AD user source.

In looking at logs, ont hing jumps out at me. The ats.log has not been written to since like 10:30 AM on Friday.

I am not able to browse to "https://servername:2645/".

So I'm thinking the problem is with CASA. The CASA authentication token service is running along with the other ZCM services.

Anyone have any suggestions?