A bunch of dumb questions:

1) Let's say I've got 35 DHCP servers on NetWare. As we migrate, one by one, to OES2 SP1, can I use an OES2 SP1 server to manage both DHCP on NetWare and OES2 SP1? I believe the answer is "yes".

2) In NetWare, there's the DHCP Locator object, and when you go into iManager, you have to go into the Scope Settings and select the Locator Object. Is there a point in time, where the locator object itself gets migrated to OES2? I think that's in the tree level migration? If so, what does that mean (can you still manage NetWare DHCP once the locator's been migrated to OES2?)

3) I vaguely remember in the migration lab, that when you migrated things, you can specify a new spot on the tree. You may ask why? Let's just say we screwed up when installing DHCP originally and the stupid locator is in a regional server, rather than being back here in the main office. So all the DHCP servers have to cross two WAN links to get to the locator. When we upgrade we'd like to "move" that locator to the O=whatever or somewhere in the main office. Do the regional servers still running NetWare need to be adjusted for anything after doing this?

What's the difference between tree and server level? Other than it looks like tree level migrates the locator and group objects, and server level is of course, for the DHCP server itself on the NetWare box?