Hello there!

We are prepping our mail server for upgrading to OES2 SP1. One of the
steps was to apply all Patches in the OES channel. I followed TID
3045794 and updated RUG to Patch-11461. I then followed the
directions for using the Red Carpet (GUI) Or ZLM from teh OES1
documentation. Before I updated RUG it showed 827 patches. After
Updating rug it listed 408. The Download started anjd said it needed
to download 95 MB. It went WELL past that. at about 2.5 GB
downloaded and 1800% complete. It flickered, stopped listing the GB
downloaded and switched to -1800% complete and started counting up to
0. As 6 hours had already gone by I decided to see what happened and
it slowly counted up to 0. When it hit 0% complete it started
downloading again. I let it get to 102 percent and having been there
8 hours I canceled the download and decided to come back another

When I returned I ran ZLM it required me to start the daemon and then
it showed 8 patches. I checked the log and found that starting when I
canceled the download the system began installing patches and
installed 403 of 408 correctly. I rebooted the server and it came
up and everything seems to be fine. I'm just looking for an
explanation of WHY the downloading behaved as it did.