I am chasing a logging issue on a BM39SP2 install. This install was an
upgrade from BM38SP5 which did do indexed logging properly. The upgrade
had other issues, see my thread from a few days ago. Common and
Extended logs, no problem, but indexed logging does not seem to be
picking up configured rule hits that should log. If I look at the
Enabled Products List in CSAudit on the server I see
Enabled Products List
Packet Filtering: Yes
Vpn Control: Yes
Novell Proxy Server: Yes
Novell IP Gateway: Yes
Outgoing Rules: Yes
NetWare Connect: Yes

Note that "Border Manager Access Rules:" is missing from the list. I do
see it in the list on a working BM38 server and also in Chapter 29 in
Carig's BM book. Since this is the only BM39 server I have at the
moment, is this normal or did something get set up wrong, and if so any
clues as to how to fix it would be helpful.