we have a 3-node cluster running with netware 6.5 sp8, 2 servers on 2 esxi4 hosts and 1 on a esx4 host. the cluster is up and running, all three servers can see our san-luns which are mapped as raw-devices. on one of the luns is a sharable sbd partition (mirrored on another sharable lun). now we had some recent troubles with failovers, resources not failing over correctly and going comatose. i investigated and found that only one of the servers, server3, is actually able to load sbd.nlm, the other two giving the following error on loading:

SERVER-5.70-918: Loader cannot find public symbol: NCS_SBD_Partition_Size for module SBD.NLM
i am not very familiar with netware, but i figured from the documentation that it is not a good thing if split brain detection isn't fully working. there are yet other things strange, but i deem this to be the cause of most of our trouble.
if you need any more data, please let me know!
any help appreciated!