I'm not sure if this should be posted here or in the client forums.

Is there a limitation on the file names to how long they can be? (okay, I know there is, just what is it)?

Is this a NetWare/NSS/Novell Client limitation or is this governed by the OS of the workstation writing the files (Windows XP)?

You may ask "why"?

We've had, in the past, a few odd things where people are able to save or copy files from their PC onto the server just fine. But then they cannot copy them OFF the server or delete them.

Most of the time, the files have really long names and/or funky characters like multiple periods in the name or squigglyes, etc. (no foreign characters).

In fact, we can't even use NRM to delete the directory and its contents (it'll puke on that one file and then you have to drill down with NRM to delete just that).

So I'm wondering if there's a diff. set of limitations of NetWare/NSS vs. MS Windows.

And if so, what are they?