I have finally taken the plunge and just upgraded some servers from BM3.8 to
3.9SP1 then applied SP2.

The servers have been running NW65SP8 for some time without any significant

Now on one server I am getting multiple abends as soon as I try to apply any
changes to the ACL via iManager (2.7.3) Workstation.

On another I find that although iManager reports a successful application of
the new rules, the server re-reads the rules but reports the old number of
rules, ie pre-change. Hitting the Apply Changes button a second or third
time brings the server into line.

I have seen a post from March that there is a new version of ACLCHECK
available, but I cannot find any trace of it in the downloads section of the
Novell site.

Can anyone please help?

Regards... Liam McDonnell