I have a copy of my groupwise archive folder and need to somehow convert it into a pst file so that i can import it into Outlook (work have switched us to outlook and seem in no rush to transfer archived emails, so i am having a go myself).

I have tried installing Groupwise onto my lap top and simply pointing it at my archive folder - however it appears as though the archive will be tied with a unique ID to my old email account and so groupwise is not displaying anything when i try and view the archives. I cannot install consoleone to attempt to change the FID, as im not running a novel client (thats what it said when i tried to install).

Is there a way to either import/restore the archive into groupwise or a utlility that will convert it to a pst?

I do not have access to the original server or any previous account details, so any solutions will need to run off the archive folder alone.

Any help/advice is much appreciated.