Fresh install of OES2 sp1 Linux and Netstorage. On server desktop, go to Netstorage URL and am prompted for user/pwd, I get in and am able to access files fine. On Windows desktop, using IE, go to Netstorage URL, and Novell Security Sevices login box pops up with a Realm showing AAA=. Can't get anywhere. If I use Firefox on Windows desktop to go to Netstorage, I am prompted for user/pwd, and able to get in and access problem. I have an existing Netstorage installation on another server, and it works fine in either Firefox or IE. Futhermore, if I use IE pointing to that other install, I am not prompted for anything and get right in because I am using the Novell Client. So..any idea what is causing the login prompt with realm of AAA= to pop up on this new install?