A few days ago I updated our Border Manager server upgrading from NW65sp3 to
NW65sp5 and from BM3.8sp3 to BM3.8sp4. I also installed the BM38sp4_ir4. I
applied the proxy.cfg downloaded from CraigJconsulting, with minor

We now have an occasional problem with browsing to one of our commonly used
sites. It either becomes very slow to bring the site up or the site will
not come up at all. If I unload Proxy and Load Proxy -CC the site will work
fine for a number of hours, then the problem reappears. When this happens
other sites are still available. I haven't done enough testing to determine
if some other sites are also affected. How do I track the problem down?
Are there Proxy.cfg settings I should be trying?


Brad Johnson