We've begun to deploy test policies across a list of production systems just prior to enterprise-wide distribution. One issue that cropped up was - of course - USB preferred devices whereas backpack drives and USB thumb drives were concerned.

Looking through the documentation in the ZENworks Endpoint Security Management Administration Guide, I am able to, allegedly, enter a preferred device through the Management Console (which is installed on our ZENworks server itself - I remote desktop to the server to manage it) by connecting the device to the system, and then clicking a "Scan" button.

Well - I don't see a "Scan" button anywhere in the console - nowhere in the USB Connectivity or the Advanced sub-section in either the Global Policy Settings or the Locations.

The documentation on this setting isn't all that clear or specific really either - does this only work in the Location section, or does it work only in the Global Settings section, or both? I realize the Location section overrides the Global settings, but maybe I'm unclear as to which USB section I need to have open when I connect the device?

Additionally, it states in the Help file that I should be able to utilize the USB Devices Report to allow preferred devices by "importing" them directly from the report. However - I have so far been unable to get reporting to function. How does one get reporting to begin collecting data from the database? I haven't been successful in locating information that shows me how to enable that.

Naturally, I'd much rather deal with USB Preferred Device functionality through the Reporting feature - so I guess that should be my primary issue here.