A weird problem with NoRM cropped up today on one of my servers. This server started out as an OES2 box, then upgraded to OES2 SP1. It's just a Dev box that I use to test OES2 software so I can tell the rest of campus how to get stuff to work in our federated tree. We finally got our CA server upgraded this week and I was able to get iFolder3 installed. iFolder3 wouldn't configure before because of our old CA server. I messed up the iFolder config a little so I uninstalled iFolder3, not noticing that it must have took NoRM with it, because when I went to reinstall iFolder3 it also put a check beside NoRM. I get iFolder3 to working fine, then later try to log into NoRM and once logged in (with a tree level admin account) the only thing I can see is a directory listing of the filesystem, nothing else. No manage hardware, no remote console, no health monitor even (although I do see a green light beside my server name in the upper left part of the screen), but it is not clickable. Now, I will admit that I may not have logged into NoRM since upgrading to SP1, so it may have been like this. Again, no big deal because it is a dev box, but I would like to get it working for no other reason than being able to fix it if this problem occurs on a production box or a departmental box. Thanks

Stewart At UGA