Hey All,

I was all gung-ho about moving to Linux from NetWare, not that I do not like NetWare( I love it), because it was final that NetWare was dying and that we had to move. It looked like Novell had put the work in and moved all the essential services to Linux as well as ironed out the kinks in the migrations.

Imagine my surprise when I migrated a print server to Linux and all of a sudden people could not print to the Linux server even though the printers were showing as up.

I know the Novell Docs say Iprint, but I could not find anything that said NDPS was not going to be supported, looking on the NetWare it is the same docs. So I was looking around for anything that said NDPS printers will have to be converted to Iprint printers but I could not find it. In fact with the tight integration of Iprint with NDPS and working with Novell from bindery queue based printing to now it was always conveyed to me that Iprint was basically a renaming/upgrade for NDPS, not a completely different beast.

Anyway, did I miss something that was obvious that said to install iprint clients if you are using NDPS before moving to Linux?

If there is not something very obvious out there, shouldn't there be on the first page of their Docs saying NDPS printers will not be supported on Linux? It seems to me that should be plastered all over their Iprint Docs, especially in the migration sections.