I created a CSR (NDSPKI:Key Material) in ConsoleOne and submitted it. I have received the key from the company but when I try to import it into the CSR I receive error - 601. I am finding very little helpful information about this error in regard to this issue. The closest thing I've found is this article: Securing a Web Server on NetWare which has a note

"Note. If you receive a - 601 error at this point, you probably do not have an eDirectory/NDS replica on the server for which you are trying to import the certificate. The replica should be the same replica in which the NetWare server, which is running your Netscape Enterprise web server, is located."

I don't know where else to go with this error. Best I can tell, there is a replica on the server but I could be wrong, I know very little about Novell products. I am also running apache and not Netscape web server (don't know if that makes a difference either).

Netware 6.5 (5.70)
eDir 8.7.1
NDS 10510.64
ConsoleOne 1.3.6h