I'm having a problem with PXE across subnets. Running NW6.5 SP7, and Zen 7. The workstation boots, finds the dhcp server, finds the tftp server, and goes into ZenBoot. The TFTP..... lines appear, timeout, then workstation continues boot cycle.

I've tried two different zen servers. I can tftp the file from either
zen server using the boot cd with no problem. I can tftp it in PXE on
the same subnet with no problems.

A packet trace on the workstation shows that it gets so far into the
download and then begins getting ICMP 'destination unreacable' packets
from the server with the 'port unreachable' flag set.

It sounds as if the server is closing the conversation on that port.

Can anyone shed any light on this for me?

Bill Wilson

PS.. This was originally posted by Dave Thomas back in 2005, but no resolution was posted back then..