I have a name mismatch that is being reported in the Anomaly reports. The home directory for the managed user is in the right directory, it's just the name of the user was changed before we implemented Storage Manager. Basically, a user, jsmith, was created with the home directory \Users\jsmith. I had renamed the user to rsmith but forgot to change the home directory. Now that we've implemented Storage Manager, this is showing up as name mismatch.

I thought that I would be able to go in under User Actions -> Enforce Policy Path and it would fix it. However, since the home directory is in the right spot, just not named correctly, it gives me "Primary Storage - No action required." when I try to enforce the policy path. Any ideas on how to fix this within storage manager? I know that I can rename the folder, update the home directory path in eDirectory, and run the recover home dir option in Storage Manager. However, this seems like something that Storage Manager should be able to fix with out me have to manually change stuff in the file system and eDirectory. Any ideas?