Using Groupwise 8.0.0 Build 85855 on XP SP3. Issue is that I tried to push a large number of archived emails online to the server to illustrate how we would meld two archive sets, which filled up his online mailbox, so the server apparently stopped pushing the de-archived emails.
Then, in an attempt to provide space for the push I then re-archived the largest 50 emails, and the mailbox size dropped by 25%, but no more de-archived emails showed up in his online inbox.
Now he wants to know where the formerly archived emails that I pushed online but have never showed up in his online inbox are.
We have mailbox size limits set administratively, I know that the user can't send mail once the limit is reached, but I'm unsure of what happens to unarchived emails in this situation. Do they just disappear into the ether? That would be very bad...did the push become a putsch?