I am seeing inconsistent or no results at all when I log into ZCC, go to "Devices", and look at the "Updates" column. I can patch, etc...using rug from the client with no problem, but would like to be able to at minimum, get an accurate list in ZCC that matches the output of "rug list-updates"

For example:
My workstation (SLED11-i586) has the icon in that column that there are updates available. When I click on it, I see 133 updates, similar to what is included in my attached file under the ZCC section.

Notice the multiple occurrences of the packages with high version numbers, etc.....

If I do a rug list-updates on my workstation, I receive what is included in my attached file under the RUG section.

A zypper list-updates pulls an identical list from NU.

FYI, the SLED11-Updates-bundle is assigned to a catalog that is assigned to the device, and the same has been done with the distribution bundle.

I have also noticed that when zlmmirror runs, it is re-downloading some of the same packages over and over again. An example output is included in attached file under the ZLMMIRROR section.

(command being used: zlmmirror m --force-nevra -c <xmlfile>

Sorry for all of the attachments, but I wanted to be sure to give all of the details of exactly what I am seeing.

Other devices do not show any patches in the "updates" column at all, even though there are outstanding patches, and some, like my workstations, are showing multiple occurrences of things that have already been applied.
We have a fairly new deployment of ZLM,and I am still working out the kinks, so I am sure that we probably have something misconfigured.
Any ideas? I would be very grateful for any assistance with this!

Allen B.