Hi together,

I tried out everything that came to mind but I do not get this multicast imaging to work as I want. Perhaps anybody can give me a hint?

I configured in zcc a hardware rule that says that if a device with a certain MAC address boots via pxe it should get an test image via multicast. The corresponding multicast bundle waits only for 1 client so far for testing purposes.

Up to now this part works fine.

Now I added under
-> Configuration
-> Preboot Services
-> Non-Registered Device Settings

DNS Suffix, workgroup and Use BIOS Asset Tag for workstation name and Use DHCP.

After Multicasting the image to the workstation via pxe the above post image configs are not set. INstead I find the config used when I created the image.

What do I have to do so that these configurations take effect after the image is applied to the device?

Would be great if anybody could help me!

Regards, Andy