We have installed SLES, OES using all standard options through the YAST interface and completed the NOWS SBE admin web install. No additional software was selected during the YAST or SBE install.

At this point we have not installed edirectory or imanager.

Where we want to end up is with edirectory, imanager, and with nss (which will be on a separate virtual disk configured in the raid).

It is at this point we have been running into problems and circles. Typically we have been installing edirectory and imanager through the NOWS SBE admin interface. Then we run into issues installing LUM and NSS which we have been attempting through YAST OES Config/install. LUM install usually goes ok and creates the Unix Config and Workstation objects but NSS usually has an issue accessing NDS during the install.

It a new Dell PE2950 and we want it to be a new tree. Sounds simple but we must be doing something wrong or through the wrong interface.

So before we proceeded to reinstall (yet another time) we wanted to seek advice/confirmation of the right sequence to install these components and whether it is all done through the NOWS SBE interface, YAST, or imanager after it is installed.

Appreciate your assistance. Please let me know if there is any additional information needed.