What is it with this site and having to log in?! I understand that you need to log in before you post/reply or mess with your own profile - but every time I link to this site from Google (or any search engine) I get hit with the with a forum home page. The only time it takes me directly to the link is if I already have a session open in another window/tab??? (which I assume it cookie related)

What would happen if I didn't happen to have a login? Bad Novell Bad!!

Also it has happened to me a few times, where I am logged into the Novell site (say NCC) and I check the forums and I need to login again. Or even worse, I need to log out of the Novell site to log into the Novell Forum site?? Left hand not talking to the Right?

Just my two cents! (which now a days is my daily wage!)