When I attempt to migrate my apps from our Zenworks 6.5 server I get the following error:

"One or more eDir to LDAP attribute mappings appear to be incorrect. Change attribute mappings through the LDAP Group object in ConsoleOne. See documentation for more information on how to correct this."

Under Migration Status I get this:

Could not locate following LDAP Attribute mappings
'appFlags' -> 'App:Flags'
'appPath' -> 'App:Path'
'appStartupScript' -> 'App:Startup Script'
'appShutdownScript' -> 'App:Shutdown Script'
'appParameters' -> 'App:Parameters'
'appContacts' -> 'App:Contacts'
'appWorkingDirectory' -> 'App:Working Directory'

I've added all the attribute names from the Migration Prerequisites to our primary LDAP Group Object and it still doesn't work. I've also patched to ZCM 10.2. Currently I'm in the process of adding those attribute names to each of the server LDAP Groups but it's a painstaking process. I'm hoping there's something I've missed and one of you can help me.

Corey Hansen