Greetings all,

Like so many others, we have been having trouble with SurfControl and the
various memory issues post NW6.x. For months we have been unable to update
the SurfControl database. Patch after patch went on, but nothing worked.
Now, at last, we have some success...

Two weeks ago I decided the combination of SurfControl 6.0 (we were on
5.02) and Hamish Speirs' memcalc were worth a go. Alas, they were not
enough (cpfilter still couldn't allocate 365MB), so I applied NW65SP5, the
post-SP5 patches (NW65OS5A & N65NSS5A), and reversed the memcalc changes.

Memory appeared to be automatically adjusting to the cpfilter.nlm demands.
The only problem was csp_list: It would just hang and then kick the
utilization up to a steady 90%. After four days (and >12,000 alert e-
mails), the update had still not completed.

At that point, I was fed up. By the time I was able to call SurfControl on
Wednesday evening (5 July), their support line had already closed (grrrr).
So I called yesterday afternoon. The tech said something that floored me:
"Yeah, we know about that. We set up some test servers [Border boxes] the
other week. It took them **six days** to update from the original
installer database to the current database. We've submitted it to
engineering." (picture me as I said, "You've *got* to be kidding me...")

The tech gave me a one time login/pass to download the most current
database. Downloaded the file and copied to the server. The stinkin'
thing is 512MB. Even with the updates, our server just couldn't handle
dedicating that large of a block, let alone trying to do an in-memory swap.

First attempt at loading the new database yeilded this:
"Memory pre-allocation size failure. CPFILTER.NLM now requires atleast
556MB of contiguous memory..."

I used seg.nlm and memcalc.nlm to fine-tune the memory. Rebooted last
night after making the changes (and set CDB_PREALLOC_SIZE=600).

The part we've all been waiting for........ SurfControl is loaded,
blocking sites, and updating properly!

Current memory footprint for cpfilter is 600.3MB.

It can be done!